Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Books books books

Well you know that I love books. I read non-stop. I am currently knee-deep in women's literature as part of my role as one of the judges for the 2011 Orange Prize. A new book every two days.

So - confidentiality means I can't talk about those books which were written by women in the past 12 months. But other books, other issues about reading, your choices and particularly recommendations for children's books are all open for discussion.

Please add your suggestions to this blog. Reid Books - for me to hear your thoughts, and for all of you who also love books.



  1. Hi Susana. I've just finished Saturday by Ian McEwan. It's been out for a while, but was a worthy winner James Tait Black Memorial Prize and certainly due consideration, in my humble opinion :-)

  2. Great title for blog, Susanna. I'm still getting over reading 'Room'. Nothing like it. That book alone has changed my ideas for my own writing and I think will stand as a true classic in years to come. Do you have an all-time Top 3 book list?

  3. I dipped back into a book a couple of months ago i hadn't read since my childhood - the Wierdstone of Brisinghamen by Alan Garner. It was unputdownable. Although many would see at is a poor imitation of Lord of the Rings it has a magic all of its own. It is quite dark at times particularly for a children's book, but highly recommended. As it is set on Alderley Edge and based upon local tales it made me visit the area recently and it certainly brings the books (this and its sequel the Moon of Gomrath) to life.

  4. Susanna Reid much success with your blog.
    "Reid Books"
    suggestions to this blog will follow
    10 best books in Holland / Belgium or Germany's
    link Books...
    " The Book Girl on Twitter " #! / thebookgirl

  5. Thanks for your comments already. David - I picked up the Weirdstone when I heard Mariella Frostrup talking about it on Radio 4. My 8 year old has not wanted to read it yet - there is a time for books, and perhaps this is not that books time. Looking forward to it tho. Rich - I haven't read Saturday but haved loved others by McEwan partic. Enduring Love. BM - I'm unable to comment on Room as it is within the parameters I have outline. Goofie - thanks - will look at those.

  6. Hi Susanna. I adore reading too. I feel genuinely lost without a book. I'm just finishing Kathy Reich's 'Mortal Remains' at the moment. Any suggestions for my next excursion?

  7. Good morning Mrs. S. Reid.
    got some nice links and weblog for you about books.
    a message from the Netherlands and Germany.
    greetings from sunny and beautiful Holland.
    goofie / willem.
    “In Germany it has just sold 150000 copies in its first two weeks,” Attallah tells ... the Manchester-based 5 Live host. His best gag? “When you Google Burnley, ... Cornwall handed out awards for the Orange Prize for women's literature. ... Her first two books, Bridget Jones's Diary and Bridget Jones: The Edge of ...
    ------------------------------------------------ the-netherlands
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  8. Susanna Good evening,

    Too bad little comment or questions.?
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  9. All the very best with this site Susanna,thinking of childrens books, what about the wonderful "Charlottes Web", oh my goodness I will never squish a spider again,my favourite book would be "War of the Worlds"....written so long ago,but still an incredible read.

  10. Philosophy:
    Favorite quotes
    "Books give not wisdom where there is no wisdom, but where there is wisdom, it is by reading more.

  11. This beautiful poem for Miss Susanna.


    The world cringes
    when I look in your eyes
    and when I test your lips
    I disappear rapidly

    I exist only
    there, wherever you touch me.
    Everything is concentrated,
    everything is perfect.

    I lie shivering with pleasure,
    I groan say the least
    I feel if your hair fall
    and dragging on my skin.

    I come closer to you
    each time, every time
    I feel disappear
    until I exploded.

    Author: William
    Sorry for all those links,
    too little is written.
    just look no suggestions about books.
    I left my place next week in photos

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  13. Good afternoon Susanna.een question to U.
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    Now the question what is the difference between Orange prize for women
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  14. Sorry Miss Reid Please quickly like my comments and links to my profile of your site.

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    Miss Susanna Reid.

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  15. Happy Mother's Day!!

    I wish you joy and laughter,
    No doubts or times of fear;
    Love forever after
    Through all of your many years.

    I wish you sunshine and roses,
    Blue skies for every day,
    And, as each day closes,
    Starlight to grace the way.

    I wish you friendship's warming hand
    And doors that never close,
    Rolling tides and silver sands,
    God's blessings -- all of those.

    I wish you moonlight and rainbows,
    A prayer to wrap around your day,
    All the good things, heaven knows,
    And a super Mother's Day.


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